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7 Unique Features of The Intellicig EVO Electronic Cigarette:
1) Smoke-Safe (TM) software
(Also provides consistent power throughout battery discharge)

2) New cartomizer activation device
(Totally electronic, provides perfect & consistent activation)
3) Smart-Battery (TM) Technology
(Also protects vaporizer when cartridge is expired)

4) Genie Lithium Battery sourced outside China!
(At least 600 recharges compared with others at 300)
5) 30 Day No Hassle Satisfaction Offer!
6) 30 Day Warranty!
7) 30 Day Satisfaction Offer!

We welcome you to check out "HOW IT WORKS" "VIDEOS" "FAQ"
Not 100% satisfied? We'll take it back, no hassle **SATISFACTION GUARANTEED**
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EVOlution Starter Kit ECOvape MENTHOL eliquid 30ml
Our Price: $39.99
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Our Price: $24.99
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Intellicig EVOlution EVO Starter Kit U1B ECOvape MENTHOL "Strong" eliquid 30ml
This EVOlution Starter Kit is supplied ready to use with 5 ECOpure Cartomizers of your choice, your choice of the White EVO Genie Battery or Black ATOM battery and a Wall Charger at a fantastic price! Each Cartomizer = 50 cigarettes worth! Available in White with Red tip L.E.D. Black with Blue L.E.D. When you have experienced this amazing product, you'll know why we are the preferred electronic cigarette of choice.We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy for any reason with your purchase.
Contents: 1 x EVOlution Battery (Your choice of White or Black)
1 x Wall Charger
5 x ECOpure Cartomizers of your choice (250 cigarettes worth!)
1 x EVO Ecig Box
1 x User Manual
ECOvape has been formulated to be pure tasting with only the finest and fewest ingredients possible. This menthol flavor is pure, delightful, clean tasting and refreshing. If you've been searching for a clean menthol experience and yearn for more menthol flavor, you'll love this e-liquid. You'll also experience great vapor production and throat hit with a wonderful refreshing menthol after taste. 100% Premium Kosher VG base, 99.8% pure Nicotine and only Organic Ingredients makes ECOvape the perfect, pure choice. MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD TO PURCHASE.
ECOvape VG mix e-Liquid 30 ml ECOpure Cartridges X25
Our Price: $5.99
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Our Price: $29.99
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ECOpure ECOmix e-Liquid 30 ml Intellicig ECOpure Cartridges 25 pack

ECOvape VG mix has everything you need but nicotine and flavor. Use it to dilute a higher nicotine concentration e-liquid to get more e-liquid! Can be used to dilute any e-liquid. Contains pure Vegetable Glycerol and is the preferred base for any e-liquid. MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD TO PURCHASE.

This 25 pack of EVO Catridges comes in the following flavors,
Regular Tobacco - The regular tobacco flavor represents the perfect tobacco taste. The blend of flavors used to produce this cartridge is specified by intelliCIG to ensure a familiar yet 'distinct' taste.
Rich Tobacco - Experience a richer deeper taste than the Regular flavor with a rounded tobacco taste and a fuller body. ECOpure Rich, our most popular e-liquid and recently awarded with the Dr. Vapenstein Award!
Menthol Tobacco - The menthol tobacco flavor provides the perfect blend of 'Cool' menthol and tobacco. The blend of flavors used to produce this cartridge is specified by intelliCIG to ensure a very refreshing and satisfying taste.
(Please select cartridge flavor & strength from the drop down menu prior to adding to your basket)
 We suggest you try "High" strength and adjust from there. Each cartridge is the equivalent of 7-10 cigarettes.
CAUTION: Refill cartridges contain nicotine and should be stored safely out of the reach of children. Pure nicotine is poisonous and if ingested, seek immediate medical attention.
RiZe Flue Cured Tobacco E-Liquid Empty Evolution Cartridges X30
Our Price: $17.99
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Our Price: $19.99
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RiZe e-Juice Flue Cured Tobacco Intellicig EVO EVOlution Empty Cartridges 25 pack

Flue Cured Tobacco: Also known as Bright or Virginia Tobacco, composed of 100% Flue-Cured Gold Leaf tobacco. The wonderful tobacco aroma shines, very heavy and flavorful. It's the most popular kind of tobacco flavored e-cigarette liquid.

These 30 Intellicig EVO empty refill cartridges are offered in Brown or Black to fill with your favorite flavor e-liquid.

**Super Deal!**


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Our Price: $7.99
Tired of filling cartomizers? Try our easy to use cartridges available in White or Black. They come empty ready to use, just fill and snap onto our atomizer!
NOTE: Requires atomizer which is sold separately on our site.

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Intellicig ECOpure Cartomizer 25 pack
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