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How the intellicig Works


How does the intelliCIG Work? The intelliCIG comprises of two parts: battery with microelectronics and a high quality cartomizer device filled with ECOpure e-liquid. When you inhale through the mouthpiece a sensitive micro pressure switch activates the rechargeable battery and micro-electronics which immediately causes the vapor device to vaporize a tiny drop of  liquid. The vapor contains vaporized nicotine within the ‘mist’ which in turn is delivered straight to the blood stream via the lungs giving you that instant ‘smokers fix’ and a relief from cigarette craving. IntelliCIG raises the bar in its unique advanced technology giving you pleasures associated with conventional smoking without the negative effects. Consistent power delivery technology ensures great vapor production with a "throat hit" you can feel.  Smart Technology also provides a safety cut off feature ensuring longevity and performance. Along with the 10 Second inhalation timer vs. 3 seconds from the competition are some reasons IntelliCIG is the intelligent choice.