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We truly feel our customers' satisfaction is a direct reflection of our commitment and dedication. We stand by the products we sell and we feel very lucky to have changed so many lives in a positive and meaningful way. We thank you all for your great comments and support.

"I'm extremely pleased with my EVO purchase!  I actually have owned other e-cigs but the EVO does set the bar in quality and function. Thank you for the fast shipping and great service! Keep it up!"
   Lori - NY City

"WOW! I thought electronic cigarettes were amazing when I first heard about it but your product blew me away! Ever since I received the  EVO I haven't touched a real cigarette and that's saying somethin!  The nicotine is very effective, the taste is amazing, I never though I'd quit smoking conventional cigarettes. You have a customer for life!"
  Cole- Indiana

"I had seen a friend of mine with an e-cig and i figured i would look around for the best I could find. After reading many reviews and watching a few videos the intellicig was my top choice. I bought the EVO Black, at first when I received it "fast shipping" I read all the instructions that were straight to the point. After setting it up "only took 1 minute" I took my first puff. I was very pleased with the amount of vapor it produced. I can say for the first few days you dont get full flavor as the break-in period needs to finish, but once that is done the flavor is very close to a normal cig. I also purchased the E-juice Reds flavor, and im very happy with that also. All in all its been about 3 weeks and the service is great, product is great, and this customer is 100% intellicig no turning back to the harmful chemicals of regular smoke."
  Charles- Rhode Island

"This is some good stuff! Flue Cured RiZe makes a decent amount of vapor and tastes real good. It has a lite citrus taste its also kind of floral and piney all mixed together its very clean tasting. I do highly recommend it. Also, the shipping was real fast thanks for the great service."
  Adam- Texas

"I use to sell e-cigs at a kiosk in the mall..... I heard about the intellicig and at first, I was very impressed with the price and the overall quality of the product. Now I own five genie batteries and two black batteries. The evo is one of the best 401 style exits on the market they are very capable of producing lots of vapor and a great throat hit. The overall battery life is insane I don't think there is any other e cig that will last longer than the EVO genie battery. It very light weight and produces great flavor. There atomizers are also the longest lasting on the market and that's the truth! Plus they have double the amount of recharges than other e cig brands. And the price is a heck of a lot less...."
  Andrew- Kansas

"I'm not big on ordering stuff online but after 8 orders with your company, I'm extremely pleased beyond my expectations. All my orders have arrived within 3 business days and arrived with all items ordered. I've noticed that when you are out of product which has been rare, you state it on your site and I like that because I've ordered stuff from other sites and when it doesn't come for weeks, i contact them and they tell me they are out of stock but they take my money with no problem! Just wanted to say thanks for the great service and I stick with what works, so thank you very much."
  George- Florida

"I use to smoke 3 packs a day menthol cigarettes and I never thought I would quit smoking, with the help of my wife and your company, I haven't felt this good in years!"
  Roly - Atlanta

"Thanks so much. All of my orders are for my daughter, Kirsten, whose lungs are dying from those damned cigarettes. She can't quit so she asked me about anything she could do to get off of the poison that was/is killing her.
I researched everything I could find on e-cigarettes and, from my research, I feel that your products were the most professionally produced, offered the best value and had the best chance to save her life.
So, thanks for your products, your company offering hope to my daughter....
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
   Dr. Tom - North

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy ECOPure Rich. I vape exclusively with it! In my opinion, it is the best tasting e-liquid I've found and your customer service is excellent!"
   Teresa - Ohio

"ECOpure Rich has an excellent taste, smooth flavor and very addicting! I vape this constantly now. My first exp was from
a free sample that they sent out. You must love a good tobacco flavor to enjoy this! No fruity flavors or crap like that. Just
insanely good stuff!"
Gunjji - NJ

"I love ECOpure!  The taste is light and clean and I have the assurance of safety with your stringent manufacturing requirements. Your prices are the most competitive and you provide excellent customer service.  I would never choose another vendor!"
Sherry - PA

"You continue to exceed my expectations with your excellent customer service. I look forward to my continued business
with you and will gladly refer others to Intellicig-USA..As I see it, there isn't a better dealer to buy E-cigs/supplies from.
Thank you again,"
Ben - WA

"I am 100% satisfied with the intellicig. After going through two other brands (Red Devil and Green Smoke) I find that this intellicig blows them both away with taste, function and longevity. What a great product. I am a customer for the long haul."
Bill - MI

"..I have purchased 5 other brands of e-cigs before finding you on the internet and the other 5 are garbage as far as I'm concerned. It is intellicig ALL THE WAY for me. Thank you for such a great product.
Susan - MI
"After months of extensive research into electronic cigarettes and the companies that manufacture and market them, five months ago I decided to purchase e-cig products from Intellicig-USA. Ever since, I've been extremely pleased with the consistent quality and performance of intellicig products, as well as by their truly exceptional customer service. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a rather serious lung disease directly caused by my 40-year, pack-a-day tobacco cigarette addiction. My doctors strongly warned me that if I didn't quit smoking immediately I would die sooner than later and suffer a lot before I died. Somehow I managed to stop smoking but after two years I found myself leaning toward smoking again. Frantically I searched for something that might help me to not resume this nasty habit and the probability of a painful death. Thankfully, that's when I discovered electronic cigarettes and intellicig. They have been an answer to my prayers and I can honestly say that I enjoy my intellicigs more than I ever enjoyed tobacco cigarettes! If you are a smoker and wondering like I did if this is merely a gimmick and couldn't possibly replace the satisfying experience of smoking cigarettes, I urge you to give Intellicig a try and maybe you will become a happy, contented non-smoker like I am today."
Barry - CA
"The EVO is awesome.  The fact that you can re-use the pre-filled cartridges makes it better. As a bonus, your Krystal mixed with the Kamel flavoring provides the perfect strength to mimic a real Camel (non-wide) full flavor cig! We did notice a difference in the draw between the atom battery and the standard one.  For those with a harder draw, the longer battery is more suited to them.  For people like my wife, who donít draw as hard, the atom is perfect. We will continue to tell our smoking friends who are looking for an alternative.."
Robert & Tammy - OH
"Just wanted to say...after just 3 weeks, my mom and aunt and my cousin quit smoking. I can't believe how great this product is. Thank u again! my wishes came true, Take care. god bless."
Charles - CA
I just want to say you guys are the best! I appreciate your discounts on the eco pure and the fact that you guys do not skim off the top, when I order 30 ml I actually get a full 30 ml. I have been vaping almost 2 years now and I will buy my juice only from you now and recommend you guys to all my friends that vape. It's nice to find a company that still believes in honesty and integrety.
Toni - WA 
"I left analogue cigarettes over a year ago for your product and have never looked back.  Iím delighted and so is my Doctor. Anyway, we were vacationing at Panama City Beach, Florida, a week & Ĺ  ago.  I generally rent a jet ski at least once and head out into the Gulf of Mexico.  Itís always choppy and those water vehicles are fast.  So, my Intellicig (in my swimming trunks pocket) became soaked. After the ride, I waded out into the ocean with my daughter and body-surfed a little.  I then realized the unit was still in my pocket. I walked back to the beach and disassembled it, leaving all three parts (still using an atomizer) on a towel to dry in the hot sun. 30 minutes later, I put it back together and it was still working perfectly.  Cool!
Andy - AL