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What's in the intelliCIG cartomizer?
The main ingredient in the intelliCIG cartomizer is Vegetable Glycerol. The other main ingredients present are flavorings, nicotine and water.
Is intelliCIG different to other electronic cigarettes?
If you have looked on the internet will probably have come across many other electronic cigarette companies. Many people/'companies' bring in one of a few standard electronic cigarettes from companies in China. Most will never have even met the company or people. At most some have their own logo printed on the standard box. Many of these cigarettes are OLD VERSIONS which are being sold off cheaply. You will notice some of them are very long! BUT read closely this is often disguised with 'actual e-cig different to picture' etc. The intelliCIG is only 102mm in length! About 3/4 of an inch longer than a regular cigarette.

intelliCIG has developed its own electronic cigarette product. Even the cartomizers are made specifically for IntelliCIG. The cartomizer is one of the most important factors in whether someone likes an electronic cigarette or not.
Many electronic cigarettes available are low quality, for instance, some sites will specify that you need to purchase additional atomizers and batteries every month. Also, the mouthpiece/cartomizer is very tight and needs to be removed frequently whenever it is exhausted. Having to use your teeth or pliers to grip it does not fill the user with confidence.
Is it cheaper to use the intelliCIG rather than regular cigarettes?
This is very simple to answer, YES! BUT AGAIN some E-Cig suppliers claim one of their cartomizers will last @200 cigarettes! This is simply untrue. intelliCIG believes in being honest and wanting satisfied customers who return time after time.
We all have different smoking habits, some inhale deep others quite shallow. Some inhale up to 25 times per cigarette others only 7 or 8 times! On average a regular cigarette provides 12-15 inhalations. Typically in a year an average smoker smoking 20 cigarettes a day will spend 365 x $5.50 = $ 2007.50 on regular cigarettes!! Smoking the intelliCIG will cost that same user approximately $505. A saving of roughly 75%!
What's in the battery rating of the intelliCIG Genie and ATOM?
The battery rating of the Genie = 200mAh and the ATOM = 180mAh.
Who is not suitable for using intelliCIG?
Children and persons under the age of 21 years old.
Those who are allergic to nicotine and nicotine-based products
Persons who suffer from heart disease and/or who have high blood pressure*
Individuals with weak or impaired immune systems*
Pregnant women*

* You should consult your doctor before using the intelliCIG or any nicotine product on this site.

How does the intelliCIG Work?
The intelliCIG comprises three parts: the battery/microelectronics, vaporizer device and mouthpiece/cartomizer.
When you inhale through the mouthpiece, a sensitive micro pressure switch activates the rechargeable battery which immediately causes the vapor device to vaporize a tiny drop of the e-liquid. The vapor contains vaporized nicotine within the ‘mist’ which in turn is delivered straight to the blood stream via lungs giving you that instant ‘smokers fix’ and a relief from cigarette craving.

How long do the cartomizers REALLY last?
intelliCIG Cartomizer 1= 50 cigarettes worth. Many websites and retailers will tell you that their cartomizers last the equivalent of 200 cigarettes, this is simply not true.

Money Back Guarantee?
We at intelliCIG are so sure of our product that should you not be totally happy with your intelliCIG kit after purchasing through this website and within 30 days of receiving it, simply contact [email protected] for instructions and we will refund your purchase price less postage and package costs. We don’t expect you not to have opened or used it! Neither do we expect you to be dissatisfied with it and return it which is why we are happy to offer you this guarantee! This applies to the intelliCIG kits ONLY! Please see our Terms of Use.

Is There A Guarantee?
Yes of course there is!
All our e-cigarettes have been tested and through quality control checks prior to delivery to you and come with a 30 day warranty guarantee. The vapor devices and battery are manufactured to extremely high standards and are each individually tested prior to final assembly at our factory in Lancashire. However, both are consumable devices that will ultimately need replacing after a length of time depending on usage and treatment. It is therefore impossible for us to guarantee this part beyond its initial use. However each vapor device is designed to last an absolute minimum of 6000 inhalations!
Vapor devices and spare batteries like cartridges/cartomizers and other parts can be purchased online by visiting the home page.
If you experience any problems with your starter kit, please contact [email protected]