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ECOvape Concept:

ECOvape has been developed here in the USA with the intention of providing the purest e-liquid with the fewest ingredients possible. As with all our e-liquid, we avoid the use of Propylene Glycol as a base, as used in most other e-liquid. ECOvape contains pure organic ingredients, 100% Kosher VG and 99.8 pure Nicotine!
This is a Vegetable Glycerol or VG based e-liquid, no PG used!

ECOvape is the newest e-liquid from Intellicig-USA.com and we offer the e-liquid in a number of simple NEW flavors to maintain its clean and pure taste. The ECOvape e-liquid line has been kept simple due to the requests from customers for a clean, pure eliquid in which they can trust the contents.
ECOvape contains no Propylene Glycol and uses the fewest ingredients.

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